Upright and Grand Pianos

Multiude - Quality


Let yourself be inspired by our large selection of various instruments, and find one that completely corresponds to your individual wishes.

Take your time in the search for it. Our offer of brand new and nearly new instruments ranges from our own FEURICH instruments to August Förster, Steinway, Bösendorfer, Bechstein, Blüthner, Petrof, Yamaha, etc... but there is also a wide range of select low-price used instruments and decorative pieces.

Before delivery, your piano will be technically and musically optimized in our in-house master workshop, and adjusted to your personal wishes, because even a brand-new instrument can be fine tuned and voiced to greatly improve its tone quality.

Servicing is our strength and an optimal care for our instruments is very close to our hearts. We make sure that you can enjoy your instrument for years to come!


By the way: With us, you always get exactly the instrument you chose - not only the same model! Every single instrument has certain opus number on it which makes it easy to identify any instrument: That is how we can eliminate quality inconsistency and you can be sure that your instrument was well prepared in our workshop in Vienna!