Pro Musica offers a special selection of classic - studio and electro-acoustic guitars. Furthermore, we have from a double bass to a violin, all string instruments in small but nice selection, especially for beginners. To top it all we also have in our collection all the necessary accessories and, naturally,  excellent service.

Of course, we offer our instruments also for rent!

Looking for an instrument to start with? We have excellent and affordable models of studio guitars for you to choose from. Starting from 300,-  - which is a  great value for money, and you will really enjoy.

By experts, the following offer is greatly appreciated: Book our Concert Hall an hour just for yourself and try out up to four of your favorite guitars in peace with the best acoustics!

For example, one of our hand-crafted models of Luthier
(starting from € 1,300 -.)
Ana Espinosa Rodriguez, Spain
Cardenal Antonio Gonzales, Spain
Antonio Marin Montero, Spain
Eduardo Rivera Valdivia, Colombia
John Gilbert, United States
Kevin Aram, UK
Luke Giefing, Austria
Michael Gee, UK
René Baarslag, Spain
Simon Ambridge, UK
Tobias Brown, Austria
Please make an appointment with Camilo Correa!

He will show his collection in peace!