Music School

It is very important to us to promote teaching music. At a time when schools cut their music curriculum, and our 7th district in Vienna doesn't even have its own city music school, we want to help out.


The private music school "Spielstatt" within the Piano Gallery offers a varied curriculum. Since 2005 Elena Tolstykh manages the schools with great success. Here you can learn not only piano for all ages, but also the violin, guitar, saxophone, cello, flute, theory of music and video.


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Take advantage of the free trial lesson „Schnupperstunde“.


Coupon available at the Piano Gallery reception desk!


Piano playing made easy!


The music school Spielstatt offers piano workshops gladly and with gusto for both young and adult players!


Our philosophy:


„Joy of life and music go hand in hand. Everybody should have the chance to learn an instrument in their life, because the joy of music is not limited by age, district or other criteria.“


Our concern:

  • Apart from developing hearing and motoric abilities, the main goal is the joy of playing the piano
  • For adults, piano playing is not only the joy of music, but also an ideal way to forget everyday stress. Learning to play an instrument keeps the brain fit into old age
  • Special refresher courses should ease your return to music
  • Professionally played pop and rock songs on the guitar, keyboard or piano bring also the youth into play



  • Piano trials for child beginners
  • Pop/Rock Piano I
  • Basic workshops for adult beginners
  • Refresher workshops for adults with previous skills


For information on prices and appointments during the school year and summer courses, please call Elena Tolstykh at 0699 1104 7315.