Piano Benches

Professionals know that nothing is more annoying than having a rocky seat at the piano. After all, comfortable, secure seating is everything when you want to feel good while playing. Therefore, we at the Klaviergalerie offer especially robust and very comfortable piano benches.


You can get a bench in all colors in accordance with your instrument. The upholstery is also varied, leather, artificial leather and velour, all at affordable prices. 


We also offer exhibition pieces, older used stools and benches, as well as restored "Thonets".


Try out our selection in our showrooms!


Piano Covers 

In order to protect your piano, we recommend also a piano cover.


You can then place various objects on your piano without worrying about the finish or polish.


An appropriate cover protects from humidity and sunshine. Our covers are made of artificial leather, are pleasing to the eye and have a high-quality soft felt lining.


The covers can be custom-made. This is available for any size and still highly affordable.