Treasure Chest

Do you like beautiful used instruments or do you simply want to spend as little as possible for a piano?


Then we are the right place for you, because we repair used instruments in our workshop and pass them on to you without additional profit! (For less than 2.000.-€)


If you yourself happen to have an instrument in need of repairs, we can inspect it and determine whether it is worth the effort.


Decorative pieces

Even instruments at some point get so old that they are just fragile and cannot be used for serious music playing.


An expert can determine if an instrument can still be repaired or if it shows irreparable damage, for example of the pin block, so that regular tuning is no longer possible, if the actions are too worn or the overall condition and antiquated technique make repairs obsolete.


Are you looking for just such a piece for your interior decoration, as a piano bar, or for your offices, theater performances, etc.?


Starting from just €200.- (covering our expenses only) you will find beautiful pieces in our shop!


We will gladly advise you - make an appointment, please.