Steinway Gallery



We offer a large number of select nearly new models that have been perfectly overhauled in our own master workshop by our excellent concert tuners and voicing specialists.


Steinway pianos are unique instruments that become one-of-a-kind pieces due to their individual production. The light touch of our technicians has restored their fine form.


The resale of new instruments lowers their price significantly at first. Use the opportunity to procure a nearly new instrument, whose price is way below the price of a new instrument, and make a wonderful investment at the same time.

Through our worldwide contacts we can obtain numerous good Steinways - we will try to find your personal dream instrument.


Please make an appointment before coming for a trial playing session!



Currently available models (as per 01.12.2013):



M-170 1920
M-170 1925
M-170 1930
M-170 1930
M-170 1969
M-170 1974
O-180 1920
O-180 1922
O-180 1927
O-180 1962
O-180 1966
A-188 1926
A-188 1927
A-188 1936
B-211 1936
B-211 1963
B-211 1965
B-211 1973
B-211 1976
B-211 1982
D-274 1974
I-139 1901
K-136 1889
K-136 1894
K-136 1900
K-136 1910
V-125 1924