Tradition & Innovation is the motto for the new partnership. On the one hand high quality, hand-made instruments from our production in Gunzenhausen, on the other hand innovative instruments that come to life in Ningbo under the direction of FEURICH, that excel in their price to quality ratio.



Feurich - a manufacturer with than 160 years of tradition - is famous for both its upright and grand pianos: outstanding quality in tone, playability, design and duration. 



Feurich’s quality is rooted in its large international team of experts, who are competently involved in the innovation and development of the instruments. A great example for this is the „pédale harmonique®“ (4th upper tone pedal).



Feurich offers an extremely wide range of instruments. From the best-quality low-cost upright pianos (new model 115 - Premiere, rd. 3.900,- Euro) all the way to the unique concert pianos.


Our team of experts has used its know-how and huge talents to develop completely new models and innovations. 



The new models are astounding, mostly for their price to quality ratio, since these instruments have a very high quality in both production and tone. At last there is a low-cost designer instrument that has character in tone, versatility, a nice feel and will last long.



Naturally, here at our headquarters we have the largest selection, so that you can pick your favorite among all models.



The huge demand worldwide is proof of our success.



You can find out more about Feurich directly at www.feurich.com.



Please make an appointment before coming for a trial playing session!